Welcome! My name is Seungeun Suh (aka HIBISCUS).

I majored in fine-arts at Keimyung University in South Korea. After graduation, I have been working as an art-school teacher, gallery curator and as a professional painter at the same time. I've had my very own exhibitions three times and participated succesfully in over thirty group exhibitions.

I am always interested in a style of the Oriental art materials mixed with the Western composition. I focus on thick rice-paper, Chinese ink, and oriental watercolors for my paintings. The Eastern rice-paper allows me to create a more deep and rich color combination as opposed to the regular regular watercolor paper.

I love to paint women in lyrical moods, animals and all natural objects.
I spread pigments on the rice-paper carefully and focus on the beauty of space.
The variety of size in pigments spreading and composition of white space makes the audience feel a dreamy and surreal atmosphere.
I've been more than happy to hear from fans in Japan and Korea that my paintings alone help heal their souls and uplifts their spirits.


Seungeun Suh (1982-)

1982 Born in Daegu, S.Korea
Graduated from the Keimyung Universty of Fine Art and Korean Painting

Solo Exhibitions
2016 Hyundai Department.Gallery H/ Seoul,S.Korea
Hyundai Departmen Gallery H/ Il-san,S.Korea
"Wonderful Life". KIDARI GALLERY/ Daegu,S.Korea
"Picnic". Hyundai Departmen Gallery H/ Bucheon,S.Korea
2015 "Recall". KIDARI GALLERY/ Daegu,S.Korea
2014 "Seongeun Suh special exhibition". KIDARI GALLERY/ Daegu,S.Korea
Kidari Gallery Opening Exhibition. KIDARI GALLERY/ Daegu,S.Korea
2013 Window Gallery. Daegu Department Store/ Daegu,S.Korea
2012 "The flutter of heart". The Kalmanson Gallery/ United States
2011 Rougettegallery/United States
2008 Mokyeon Gallery/Daegu,S.Korea
"Hibiscs", SUSEONG ARTPIA/Daegu,S.Korea
2006 WOOBONG Art Museum/Daegu,S.Korea

Art Fair
2016 Affordabie Art Fair / Seoul,S.Korea
ARTBUSAN. Bexco/ Busan,S.Korea
2015 Daegu Art Fair. Exco/ Daegu,S.Korea
ARTBUSAN. Bexco/ Busan,S.Korea
2014 Daegu Art Fair. Exco/ Daegu,S.Korea
2013 Daegu Art Fair. Exco/ Daegu,S.Korea
"Gyeongnam International Art Fair"/ Ceco,S.Korea

Group Exhibitions
2016 Modern Korea-Korea&Korea&Korea. KIDARI GALLERY/ Daegu,S.Korea
  "Cupid". KIDARI GALLERY/ Daegu,S.Korea
2015 "Kidari-Mini Open Collection". KIDARI GALLERY/ Daegu,S.Korea
  "The Messenger of Love Cupid". KIDARI GALLERY/ Daegu,S.Korea
2014 "Wind of Change". KIDARI GALLERY/ Daegu,S.Korea
  "Hidden card". KIDARI GALLERY/ Daegu,S.Korea
2013 "Sun Sunday paper". TOMA GALLERY/Daegu,S.Korea
  "ART & LIVING"/Daegu,S.Korea
2012 "Salute",he Big Banana Gallery/Seoul
  "Kyemyung Korean Painting Exhibition". SUSEONG ARTPIA/Daegu,S.Korea
2010 "Korea Art Festa". Danwon Art Gallery/Ansan
  "Custom RB show by Artroid, Oldskool Lounge/Daegu,S.Korea
2009 "Would you like to stop off at my place?". DAEGU CULTURE & ARTS CENTER/Daegu,S.Korea
  "Ontological Re Semblance ". Goto Gallery/Daegu,S.Korea
2008 "art in young". DAEGU CULTURE & ARTS CENTER/Daegu,S.Korea
  "Modern art paintings since then...". DaeguBank Gallery/Daegu,S.Korea
  "The beginning of new share". Donga Art Museum/Daegu,S.Korea
  "yemi Exhibition". WOOBONG Art Museum/Daegu,S.Korea
  "New Artist Invitation Exhibition". e-Gallery/Daegu,S.Korea
2007 "A Lotus Flower". WOOBONG Art Museum/Daegu,S.Korea
  "song of photo". WOOBONG Art Museum/Daegu,S.Korea
  "shadow". DAEGU CULTURE & ARTS CENTER/Daegu,S.Korea
  "Kyemyung Korean Painting Exhibition". DAEGU CULTURE & ARTS CENTER/Daegu,S.Korea
  "Echo of Dalgubeol". WOOBONG Art Museum/Daegu,S.Korea
  "ART FESTA". Adams Gallery/Daegu,S.Korea
  "The First Tianjin-Daegu Tianjin Exhibition", Tianjin Art Museum/China
2006 "shadow". DAEGU CULTURE & ARTS CENTER/Daegu,S.Korea
  "Kyemyung Korean Painting Exhibition". DAEGU CULTURE & ARTS CENTER/Daegu,S.Korea
  "Daily Nomadic Life". DAEGU CULTURE & ARTS CENTER/Daegu,S.Korea
  "International Art Fair". Gungzhou/China
  "ART SCHOOL & ARTIST 2006". WOOBONG Art Museum/Daegu,S.Korea
  "New Year Greetings by shadow". WOOBONG Art Museum/Daegu,S.Korea
2005 "Beauty of Field". WOOBONG Art Museum/Daegu,S.Korea
  "shadow". G-Gallery/Daegu,S.Korea

2014 Silla Art competetion/ Special Award
Korea Culture and Arts competetion/ Specialties
Korea Calligraphy Art competetion/ Specialties

2015 An anarchist lover. by Kim Hae Young / Cover painting

2015 Kumhongfancy Collaboration