For Future
 Succulent Angel of salvation
Self-Portrait, My soul (2018)
Hibi Doll 21
Gray succlents girl
Golden Time
Hibi Doll 20
Golden cow
Hibi Doll 19
Blue wish & little tiger
Owl and Bee
Spring wind
Red succulents girl
One's eyes
Hibi Doll 18
Pink succulents girl
Wating for spring
Patron saint
Hibi Doll 17
Blue Wish
Arrive at a utopia
The five blessings
blue wish & little tiger
Gray succulents girl & Blue birl
Hibi Doll 16
Red succulents girl & Owl
Hibi Doll 15
Green succulents girl
Green succulents girl
Hibi Doll 14
 Yellow succulents girl
A mysterious girl
Hibi Doll 13
One's eyes
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