Black Girl
Black Girl
Black Girl
God of preservation
Hibi Doll 23
Light of life
Hibi Doll 22
Making honeycomb
 The return of the king
 For Future
 Succulent Angel of salvation
Self-Portrait, My soul (2018)
Hibi Doll 21
Gray succlents girl
Golden Time
Hibi Doll 20
Golden cow
Hibi Doll 19
Blue wish & little tiger
Owl and Bee
Spring wind
Red succulents girl
One's eyes
Hibi Doll 18
Pink succulents girl
Wating for spring
Patron saint
Hibi Doll 17
Blue Wish
Arrive at a utopia
The five blessings
blue wish & little tiger
Gray succulents girl & Blue birl
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